About Our Classes

Acrobatics (4&up)

Our acro classes are filled with a combination of classic dance technique and precise acrobatic/gymnastic elements. We offer classes for ages 5&up and a new acrobatics competition team!

Modern (9&up)

Modern uses interesting and unique movements to its routines while also using the classical technique of ballet. Besides our teen modern classes we also offer our modern teams!

Ballet (7&up)

Ballet is the base of all dance styles. Our classes teach students the proper technique and tools to excel in all dance styles. We offer classes for ages 7&up as well as Pointe for ages 12&up.

Hip Hop (5&up)

Hip Hop is a well known style of street dancing. Our classes are filled with fun movements and teach the curriculum of Hip Hop dance. We offer hip hop classes and teams for all levels of dancers.

Jazz (7&up)

Jazz is a fun and interactive dance that often tells a story of sass and attitude. Using a mix of ballet/modern and hip hop, students will enjoy classes with new challenging steps and curriculum! We offer both classes and teams for all ages!

Contemporary/Lyrical (10&up)

Our contemporary and lyrical classes are filled with the technique of ballet and combines it with a flow of movements and story telling. Classes are for ages 10&up as well as offering a contemporary team!

Clogging (5&up)

Clogging is an upbeat and challenging style that uses clogs at the toes and heels of the shoes to create beats and noises to the beat of the music. Our clogging teams participate in the annual North East Clogging Competition each year but we also offer regular classes.

Breakdancing (5&up)

Breakdancing is similar to hip hop but includes more abrupt and intense movements. Dancers will learn to include tricks and hip hop movements into a fun and entertaining routines. We offer this class for ages 5&up!

Mommy & Me (1-2yrs)

Mommy and me allows our youngest dancers to get introduced to dance at a the first opportunity. 1-2year olds can enjoy a fun class of movement and games alongside a parent to allow the easiest transition to our combination classes!

Tap (5&up)

SImilar to clogging, tap uses lighter taps and movements to create a fun smooth sound to music. Dancers will learn to use ballet and jazz training as well as new tap moves to create a fun routine. We offer tap classes for teens and adults as well as competition teams for younger dancers!

Combo Classes (3-6yrs)

We offer combination classes for our dancers 3-6 that allow our students to learn two styles of dance in one class. 

We Offer:

  • Pre-Ballet/Tap
  • Ballet/Tap
  • Jazz/Tap
  • Hip Hop/Clogging

Check Out This Years Class Schedule!

Fall Schedule 2019-2020 (pdf)